Thursday, 7 June 2012

Introducing the Little Black Dress

If you know anything about me, you know that I not only L.O.V.E the Little Black Dress, but I live by it. Any occassion, any season of the year, any day of the week the LBD is a staple and always a winner.

A Little Histoire of the Little Black Dress

Audrey Hepburn has to be the icon of little black dress from her unforgettable scene in Breakfast at Tiffanys. A one of a kind black dress and Tiffany & co. what a pair! I'm jealous. Her elegance, beauty and poise transcends through the decades. Her long trailing black, figure hugging dress is imprinted in the fashion histories for centuries to come. Not only is she a style icon and the model for the little black dress movement, she is one of my style role models I will always love and aspire to be alike.

An Armani Privé sequined black dress paired with the perfect red bottom Christian Louboutin high heel shoes, a classic Louis Vuitton clutch with Chanel rouge noir nail varnish splashed on the finger nails and finally diamanté encrusted jewelry sparkling in the glistening lights. And don't forget the bold and the beautiful red lippy. 
Ah sweet dreams of a fashionista. 

LBD Shindig

My dear friend Priscilla took this inspiration and themed her special 21st birthday The Little Black Dress Party. Decadence, chic, style, and beauty oozed from the venue. 

The ladies wore black dresses of course and the men wore the classic, timeless and effortless black and white suit. Skinny ties, bow ties and Italian shoes. The men gave the ladies a run for their money. 

The birthday girl wore midnight blue from YDE and Steve Madden heels my friends and I so lovingly bought her. That's what I love about the LBD, the statement can be made in the accessories and that wow piece. And if Steven Madden red suede shoes can't do that, then I don't know what else can...

L.O.V.E it!

My beautiful, stunning friends looking exquisite. Each of us are wearing something "wow" to distinguish the black dresses from the others. Earrings, belts, necklaces and jewels. 
Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all.

My dress is from French Connection. 

The Birthday girl in the blue. Love the colour burst of the shoes. The epitome of how to make the LBD your own.

The Steve Maddens.

Stunning Lindi. The leopard print belt around the waist is a chic, modern twist on traditional little black dress.

Red earrings, bejeweled OTT necklace and a leopard print belt. And don't forget the Red Lips. Mwah

The men...

Dashing and Dapper gentlemen, yet all three so different.

With an LBD be conservative with the black eye makeup. Yet, bright colour eye shadow is a risk but a definite statement. Don't be the girl sitting in the corner. 
Make the other girls want to be you, make their dresses envious of your LBD and the men drooling at your feet. Never hold back.



Happy Birthday Pris <3

So much Love for the Little Black Dress xoxo

Thursday, 10 May 2012

SAFW - Bright Lights, Cameras and Beautiful People

Every single time I walk into a blacked out room with a pristine perfect white runway running through the middle of the room I get butterflies. My heart skips a beat, I get all giddy and my eyes are wide desperately trying to take in all the glamour around me. The last four years I have lived in South Africa I have seen something incredible, I have paid witness to the evolution and growth of South African fashion week. 

Shibu and Baba posing oh so stylishly for the flashing cameras as we entered. 

When I first arrived in 2008 SAFW was hosted in the Sandton Convention Centre, not very glamourous but they did their thing and it was a marvellous event. It was my first proper taste of the Fashion World and from that second I was hooked. The tall beautiful women floated about as I adoringly looked at their long beautiful legs and the bone structure on the men's flawless faces got me staring at them, almost forgetting that it was the clothes I was there for.

This year I was invited by City Shapers to watch the Craig Jacobs show, and of course I said "Oh Yes" in my perfect Audrey Hepburn high voice, beaming from ear to ear already thinking "what is a girl to wear?". The event this year took place in Rosebank in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was very glamourous with over the top lights dangling from the ceiling and dotted around the foyer were larger than life sofas swallowing up the beautiful people. 

Taken from SAFW's website. Check out the photos, they are magnifiques. 

The 10pm show starred Narain Samy, Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs and Palse Homme. My breath was taken away and I floated up to heaven dreamingly hand in hand with Palse Homme's angel model (see below). My high lasted a lifetime (I still feel giddy). And to end the night on a bang my friends and I were moved forward to the front row, it was even more exciting than getting bumped up to first class.

The Show
Narain Samy
For me the shoes, bags and umbrellas made this show a true fashionista's wet dream. These tailored suits were all in pastel yet so sexy and masculine. A real man would be able to pull off such edginess and class.

This outfit oozes sophistication and swag, simple. How does an umbrella do that?

Love Love Love the combination and palette of colours. The glasses finished it off, as well as making the girls gasp and melt in their seats.

The designers 

Fundudzi  by Craig Jacobs
The shoes were by one of my favourite shoe designers right now, Steve Madden. I couldn't help myself, most of my photos were zoomed in on the shoes. The bright colours of orange, pink and blue got my eyes fixated adoringly at their feet. So simple, such a statement. I fell in love that night.

One of my favourite dresses of the night. The two colours compliment each other and the floatiness of the sheer dress made me want to run backstage and rip it off the rail.

Orange Steve Madden peep shoes. Divine.

Another version of my favourite dress of the night. Grecian Goddess style.

The designer himself.

Palse Homme
The choice of patterns was so unique. Any piece of this collection would be your statement piece of the Summer, making that BANG you have been searching for. Confidence shines from these outfits. 

The added detail of the colourful socks always makes an outfit a little more special and stylish. Gentlemen don't be afraid to try it out. Paul Smith does a bright and bold line of socks. Women aren't the only ones who can add a little somethin' somethin' to an outfit. Be different.

Man bags. Not everyone is for them. But a big, bulky leather one has to be a must in every man's wardrobe. If you're a little reserved about the thought of owning a "man bag" then get a simple big brown or black leather bag. If you want to stand out from the crowd go crazy. Colour is always fun.

The designers.

(The wide 3-model and designer photos were taken from My own personal collection are the stand alones)

What we wore
Sne and Shibu. Sne ran minutes before SAFW began to Cotton On so Tadaah! 
Shibu is wearing a denim long sleeve shirt from Guess, white Ralph Lauren shorts and green thick heel booties called Freddies from Rage. These shoes are so in at the moment and perfect for a night out as they give support and don't murder your feet. I bought a pair in Mr Price, they have a range of different colours, go check it out.

Shibu never disappoints with her rings. Diva is such a high fashion, cheap store ladies, don't be afraid to rummage around for a once off statement piece. Bag from Truworths. This is the bargain princess after all. 

Gold bulky chain from Sass Diva.

Baba and I. Baba is wearing her Zara leather trousers with a simple tan tunic and black pumps. Sophistication is the key word here. 
I'm wearing my high waisted red shorts, with my black forever trustworthy blazer from United Colours of Bennetton, black suede ankle boots from Zara Italy and my sheer white shirt form Forever New.

Prada darling, what else.

Go chunky and bold or go home.

Forever New handbag, snake skin look in navy blue and gold buckle and chain. The inside lining is bright pink. I'm loving traditional, old style handbags with a 21st Century woman flare. 

My earrings are also from Forever New. 

It was a memorable special night I had been looking forward to all year, full of beautiful people and glamourous fashion. S/S collections were stunning. I wish I could have been in Joburg for all the shows!

Check out for more information and photos of the models, bio's and collections of the designers who showcased and make sure you buy your tickets for the A/W 2013 show on the 27-30 September. 

For the love of Fashion xoxo

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oh Darling what a lovely afternoon at the Polo

Pretentious, maybe. Obnoxious, perhaps. But ever so posh. Spending the afternoon at the Polo just down the road from Lanseria airport in Johannesburg was the perfect day to spend the Sunday afternoon with friends and family. 

A family friend of mine was playing. With his beautiful, strong horses under his bum and his family cheering him on he galloped away with a win under his arm. A bonus to the wonderful afternoon spent feeling too good about ourselves.

Refreshment anyone? I want her hat.

Someone said to me the other day, "I bet you're the kind of person who goes to watch the polo on the weekends". I stood back, shocked, bemused, "who me? No never that" and yet here I was a few weeks later lapping up the sun and sipping on champagne on ice (well sparkling wine, we are in South African after all). But I won't apologise, yes perhaps spending the afternoon watching men barge into each other with horses whilst missing the tiny ball as it skids along the floor under the blur of black and brown legs was rather pretentious of me but what a wonderful day it was.

Our family friend doing oh so fabulous

A real man wears pink.

And of course whenever there is an event to attend, there is a certain dress code you must oh fashionably live up to. The dressing up is half the fun. Not every day you get to slip on knee high boots, tan leggings, polo shirts and not look like you've arrived back from the stables. And of course don't forget your final accessory to finish off the look, your doting Jack Russell by your side running up and down the field. 

Elbow pads oh I love them so. So preppy and just adds that extra somethin' somethin'

essie's Mod Squad nail varnish, ring from diva and brown and gold watch by Armani. Every detail counts.

Gold heart locket in a thin gold chain I got from my grandma when I was a little girl and pendant earrings from diva.

Skinny tan jeans from Country Road, sandals from Zoom, Blazer from Zara Italy and striped tank top from Cotton On

Think posh yet understated.Think british! The brits like their horses and oh-hoity-toity moments, any excuse to stick our noses in the air. Wear your barber-style jackets, knee high boots, even a pair of leather gloves would work divinely. One of my favourites is a hat! Hats are hard to wear often so take advantage of events like this one. Your excuse is that it is sunny, it keeps the flies at bay and well if the riders get to wear a fancy helmut I can wear my fancier hat.
Barber inspired sleeveless jacket and a collared shirt is always a winner. Worn beautifully by my mum.

Hats galore. Love. Sue above and my daddy below.

A little bit of Mulberry never hurts*

Puppy Love <3 Having the dogs run around our feet made the day that more more fun and family orientated.

All in all a stunning day at the Polo. Don't be frightened to step out of your ordinary day boxes now and again and do something so different. Find new ways to spend a weekend rather the same old same old. The Polo needs to be written onto your stylish bucket lists asap. Go with your friends, cold beers, champagne in a bucket of ice, a picnic basket and your fashionista wisdom. 

Posh Love xoxo